Analytics and event management solution

Love your data and analysis it!

We promise you easy to use a platform. We do not provide you over-crowded menus or useless features which do not play a major role for you. Just create custom channels and create rules to get custom reports. Our analytics service is for processing and transforming online data into Categorized Actionable Analysis. The platform allows you to gain every application and every user interaction.

Live Tail Your Log Data

Live Tail provides monitorring live aggregated log data in real-time. You can also view each log entries and create a custom rules based on selected entry. Rule based reporting system generates custom filtered reports. The Live Tail feature is avalaible in the professional plan. Please, subscribe or upgrade your account to Professional Plan.

Filter your logs and digg your data

Filtering features allows you to modify your log and create a custom view. Search filter capabilities make organizing, filtering and analyzing your log data in custom selected date range.

Beatiful Data Charts

Discover your online traffic

Loggfy covers every step of the event journey. Track the targets and analyze the events. You will digg the data you need.

Convert visitors into customers

Gain real-time insights into event performance. Create reports and track your goals. Compare data channels to know where to optimize your traffic. Upload your data and analyze it and engagement with reports.